The Mad Phoenix (1997)
Reviewed by: rolandyu on 2001-04-21
Summary: Enjoyable thinking period
I got this movie from a friend. I traded this movie with a computer program. When I looked at the casts and front cover, I was quite discouraged. But when I watched it, I supposed I was wrong.

This movie tells a very good story in a very good way. It's a life-story of a song and opera writer who is `genius` but stubborn and full of pride.

There are many scenes that touched my heart and made me think. It's not a heavy story, but sometimes it lured me into the mood of the character. It seems so tragic that a `genius` like Kong had gone through such a hard life.

I know this movie is not so popular, but it worths more than many of the new movies with famous casts. This movie shows a good example of the Chinese culture and the nature of human's life.