Swordsman at Large (1971)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-04-28
Summary: Great enjoyable film
One of the last great SB swordsplay movies before Ti Lung took control of the genre again later in the decade. But honestly, the action presented here is worse than you can imagine. I wouldn't even classify this as a martial arts film, though it certainly does have the feel to it. If you're looking for action, I suggest you try something else. After watching many similar movies of the era, I'm fed up with people throwing their arm and waving their sword or dagger millions of times. For god's sake, SHOW SOME SKILL!

But the story is very good. It's pretty similar to those directed by Chang Cheh in the 60s and those directed by Chu Yuen 5 years later, but still, it's never dated. Everything's well-planned, and the usual sentimental elements are obvious present. The acting is well done, and the dialogues are pretty realistic. The music is perhaps the best I've come across in any SB production yet. I'm not sure how original it is, but the theme song is later dubbed in MAGNIFICENT WANDERERS. Though I would really have preferred to obtain the letterboxed version which probably does not exist.