Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2001-04-30
Summary: Worth the watch...
Definitely worth seeing. The group I was in included 2 women (one american , one japanese) and they seemed to enjoy the film more than me. The balance between traditional HK film-making and western tastes was well done. The subtitles seem to vanish after a few minutes and didn't detract from the enjoyment of watching the film - so don't let that keep you from seeing it. The beautiful vistas of China are like eye candy and will memorize you. The fighting scenes are excellent and dutifuly pay homage to prior HK films (hats off to ang lee for that). This film is a case of where all the elements of previous HK film are finally put into one and it shows. CTHD is dramatic, energetic, and passionate all at the same time. The women in our party cried at the end.
ps Jet Li passed up a great opportunity to star in this film to do Romeo Must Die - what a mistake.
Reviewer Score: 9