My Will, I Will (1986)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-04-30
Summary: Pleasant light comedy
Joe is being a bit tough. Though no classic, and somewhat lacking chemistry between the two leads, this is a very likeable little caper comedy. Hey, where else but in HK would you hear dialogue like "What ? Not tiger's penis soup again ?" ?

Give this charming film a go, and it might well charm you.

Previously published:
DoDo Cheng in a glamour role - good grief ! For those who, like me, took a while to recognize her, she's the rich woman who gets the Presidential Suite, much to the disgust of an older couple who also thought they had it. Amusing comedy about double-dealing business people and DoDo's search for a suitable man to father her child and hence be enriched by two million dollars. The man she really loves is old flame Chow Yun Fat, a cop turned private detective, who although sincere in his love for DoDo, completely lacks tact and has terrible timing. Also in this muddle is Chow's client, whose factory has been legally stolen by his scheming brother and the brother's lawyer (who is also being pushed to run for council election by his domineering wife). DoDo approaches the lawyer to draw up a will. Lawyer, with wife's approval, pursues DoDo for the right to get the two million. So does Chow's dopey assistant Alan. Lots of misundertanding and fairly tame humour about sex. Only a brief glimpse of the loudmouth comic DoDo was later to become very famous for.

Overall : Pretty good light fun.
Reviewer Score: 7