God of Gamblers II (1990)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2001-05-01
Summary: Gotta love a good Stephen Chow film
I actually liked this movie a lot, compared to how the other reviews stated. While yes I must admit the plot was rather lacking, and I didn't really like the whole "special power battles" - I laughed a ton! :). I knew this wasn't the true sequel to the original God of Gamblers, but seeing Stephen Chow in the credits I knew I had to see it. Mentioning the special powers thing, while in the original movie yeah they had gambling skills, but in this movie the characters can make themselves invisible and see people miles away. While this did provide for a lot of humor, it made the gambling scenes a lot less interesting because they would use their "powers" and not some cunning and clever trick like in God of Gamblers. Overall though, I found this to be one of Stephen Chow's better movies, and as a Chow fan I recommend this movie to any other fans out there who haven't seen it yet, you'll love the comedy! 9 out of 10!
Reviewer Score: 9