Yellow Peril (1984)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-05-05
Summary: Above average
Firstly, the premise of this film is close to ridiculous. The lead character is nicely settled in an ordinary job and happily comes home to a loving wife and son. An old boss asks him to join a shooting raid on a Vietnamese gang, to avenge some wrong done. The lead character objects strongly, but goes along anyway, and quickly finds he has been set up.

This was all very hard to swallow. But once one suspends disbelief for the opener, the rest is pretty damn good. The tension between the man having to stay on the run but still keeping in touch with his family keeps things cooking along nicely. This is mainly an action film, and Alan Tang (having more than 50 film behind him at the time) certainly knows how to deliver on that score, and his acting, although a bit squared-jawed, suits the character and the situation well.

Chang Yi is a surprise. This is the first film in which I've seen him without the trademark long white wig and matching mo. Despite being the main villain, he doesn't have a lot to do, but makes a pretty good fist of it. And he gets to deliver the movie's only laugh. Simple and effective, a result of excellent timing and just the right expression.

Siu Yuk Lung is an actor who never really got past lead roles in cheapies, but he nearly out-does Alan Tang in their scenes together. He plays the limited role of a former marine nor thug with intensity, and is one of the best things in this film.

The theme of the story, combined with the title, gives an interesting twist on the mainstream racial hatred of whites against Asians. This one is Chinese against Vietnamese, who are implied to be the titular Peril. Although Alan's character provides some fairness, this is a strongly anti-Vietnamese statement.

For those whom are not likely to be offended by such a stance, recommended.
Reviewer Score: 6