The Miracle Fighters (1982)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2001-05-11
Summary: Boring
Overall boring 80's martial arts period film. Iain Sinclair has it about right. Lord shu has a dead set agianst a hero called Kao. Kao escapes and raises a boy to manhood to make up for inadvertenly killing the Lord Shu's son. Mayhem follows with an assortment of sorcerers, jinks, and ninjas. I didin't find the humor funny and the film was slow in pace. No one who watched in our group gave it a thumbs up. The only redeeming value is the opening fight scene where a scorcer turns himself into a fighting jar (complete with legs and arms) and uses a paper-sword to fight Kao. I have to admit, that was over-the-top, even for HK films.