Lavender (2000)
Reviewed by: reelcool on 2001-05-12
Summary: Lavender Smells BAD!!!
How they get two talented stars like Kelly Chen, and Takeshi Kaneshiro who were perfect together in "Lost and Found" to make "Lavender", a movie that should be "Lost and Never Found", is a mystery.
Although a good concept, with the Angel (Kaneshiro), and the lonely-heart Kelly, finding one another on earth, the actual film is no fun to watch at all. The two stars have zero chemistry together, bahave as though they are in different movies, and have lines that make them appear passionless as individuals who will somehow fall for one another.
A talent like Kelly is wasted, as she behaves like a raving, "PMS'd out", whiner/nag to the completely unimportant, unfunny, and unintelligible Kaneshiro character.
Good idea, good actors, and even good movie posters, but MAN did this movie stink.