The East Is Red (1993)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-05-13
Summary: Skip it
This film is supposed to be Swordsman 3 (as you may already know), but if you're expecting a sequel to one of the greatest HK period sword films ever, then you'll be disappointed. This film does carry on with a character from Swordsman 2 (who died at the end - sorry for the spoiler - but someone always dies at the end of movies like this), but the character is changed to the point of being unrecognizable.

East is Red has a few moments, but not anything worth buying the DVD over... a rental if you truly must see it, but honestly - you should pass this one up.

Here's why this film is what it is... The film is soaked and dripping with political symbolism and is basically a thin kung-fu epic exterior over a heavy and charged political statement. This was very common around the early 90's for characters to represent something else... I mean - look at the title - you have to know it's politics. Perhaps it would be more enjoyable for someone who was in China during the 1990's. I see this film sort of like Terry Gilliam's Brazil but with Kung-Fu and not nearly as good. If you want to see a film like this done right - see Dragon Inn. Otherwise, see Swordsman 1 and 2 and forget that a third was ever made.

Seen on: DVD
Release: Mei Ah
Rating: Movie - 1.5/5
Reviewer Score: 3