Shu Qi - Body Show (1999)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-05-13
Summary: No full frontal
This body show is a major disappointment. Shu Qi spends most of the film's 38 minutes clothed, though often topless. What a waste. She is shown, in several brief shots, in full nude, but it is completely discreet and at a distance.

How this flick was rated Cat III is a complete mystery to me. A more cynical reviewer might conclude that the Cat III rating was a marketing ploy to excite interest. A rating of Cat IIa would cover this one just fine.

Of course, the Taiwanese Goddess looks ravishing, but there are several things which could have improved this film. Apart from the obvious (showing her fully nude), they might have let her speak. The entire presentation is overlaid with music tracks and there is, thus, no dialogue or even monologue.

They could also have shown clips from her films in which her bod is on display.

I do understand that these body shows follow a particular format. Cheap video production with some special effects, showing the girl subject in various states of undress at inside and outside locations, including dancing and riding.

The best example of the body show I have see so far is HAPPY CHICKEN, a show exhibiting the considerable charms of Jo Jo Ngan. If you are saying "who the hell is she ?", then check it out. After seeing it, you'll want to find out. HC is certainly no classic, but it is far ahead of this tame music video.

Shu Qi's Body Show is, at best, a tame tease. Not recommended.
Reviewer Score: 3