Hit Team (2001)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2001-05-27
Summary: No Jiang Hu, but not bad
HIT TEAM - Disappointing given that it was Dante Lam's follow up to Jiang Hu, though probably a pretty good film in its own right. Some members of the SDU get pissed off when a member of the team is injured in action and the police refuse to pay for treatment (from the one surgeon in Switzerland who can perform the surgery, naturally). They decide to rob some underground bankers to raise the cash. Daniel Wu's Hit Team get involved in the case, and follow a series of blindingly obvious clues to identify the perpetrators, but then has to face the moral dilemma brought about by the motivations they have for what they do. There's some v. stylish sections, and a great sound mix, and some pretty explosive action. Not a lot else though.
Reviewer Score: 5

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