Comic King (2001)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2001-05-27
Summary: Decent
I wasn't really expecting much since this was about Comics, but this movie was still enjoyable. The first half was about the two guys making their mark in the comic industry which was pretty interesting, but the downfall came in the second half when it turned into a romance. A girl comes between the two guys, who was cute I might add, and so the two friends have to work things out with the help of Nicholas Tse coming alive as an interactive character from their comic. This part was kinda cool, the guys "bartering" with Tse about who would be his master, which ends up him deciding to be a swordsman for half the day and a Triad member for the rest, hilarious ^_^. Still, the love story wasn't that great since you see the two friends quarrelling over a girl, but it all works out in the end of course. 6 out of 10.
Reviewer Score: 6