Dragon Inn (1992)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-05-29
Summary: Must Own title.
At first I thought it was a bit boring until they actually got to the Dragon Inn... then it suddenly got really interesting. Wow - what a great flick. It continued to get progressively better as it went on and culminated in this great fight scene at the end. I was impressed. Thumbs up from me on this one, but I had to warm up to it. Worth a purchase in my opinion. As others have said - it's for people who like the Swordsman 2 film. It is very similar to East Is Red (Swordsman 3) with regard to being soaked with political metaphors concerning the handover - East Is Red is worse though and fails to provide a good story and action where Dragon Inn succeeds.

The DVD from Tai Seng has DD 1.0 CAN and MAN and also stereo ENG (which is completely worthless)... the sound is mediocre. The subs were running off the screen a little and perhaps could've been a bit smaller. They were well done though as far as grammar and spelling and translation goes (I can only imagine the translation is fairly accurate). The image is a bit dirty, but it's in widescreen and it looks good enough. This disc is called "Special Edition", but the only thing special about it is that a commentary by a Hong Kong movie expert is added. The commentary is very interesting though.

Seen on: Tai Seng DVD
Rating: Movie - 7.8/10
Reviewer Score: 8