The Bride with White Hair (1993)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-06-15
Summary: Must Own title
I liked it. It moved a little slow at first for me, but the end came too soon and left me wanting more (too bad part 2 is such a piece of poo). One thing I notice with alot of early 90's HK films is that they get so wrapped up in expository set-up that it takes awhile for them to get the ball rolling. Instead of saying "Don't do that", they give a stern look, put their hands on their hips, shake their finger and grit their teeth at us... we know what "Don't do that" means, but they have to really go over-the-top with it. I'm speaking figuratively, not literally. In many ways it's part of what makes HK cinema so great, but in other ways it can become tiresome and distracting. Still - it's a film that I certainly enjoyed and will watch again.

I gotta say that the Tai Seng DVD is packed. Commentary, making-of featurette, 3 language tracks, and a great transfer.

Seen on: Tai Seng DVD

Rating: Movie - 7.9/10

DVD Extras - 8/10

DVD Presentation - 7/10
Reviewer Score: 8