A Man Called Hero (1999)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-05-29
Summary: Rental - yawn...
A Man Called Hero wasn't that great... the CGI was ok, but not all that spectacular. It was by the same team that did Storm Riders. Not nearly as much action though. It was set in the early 1900's and was about this flying swordsman guy and his sad sad life during his time in America as slave labor. The fight scenes were few and far between and weren't all that great either. On the plus side, it had Qi Shu (chick from Jackie Chan's Gorgeous) in it - yummy... This film was more of a drama than a swordplay movie and the drama wasn't all that interesting. It is apparently an adaptation from a comic book or possibly a Manga. I'd never heard of it. Much like the story in Storm Riders - they leave alot of loose ends untied and also don't fully explore the characters. Most of the film is told as a story in the past tense so it reads and plays out like a history book - yawn. It's for sure a rental title.

This DVD also included a subtitled "Making Of" documentary which was actually more interesting than the movie itself. It focused on the special effects and how they made them and how they were "better than the best CGI effects in Hollywood today" (yeah right). It also included a decent (but not great) DD5.1 soundtrack and a pretty clean print... given that the film is only a few years old, the image quality could've been just a bit better - although it was good compared to other DVDs released from HK at that time.

Seen on: Universe Laser DVD
Ratings: Movie - 4.6/10
DVD Presentation - 6/10
DVD Extras - 5/10
Reviewer Score: 5