Tokyo Raiders (2000)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-05-29
Summary: Must Own DVD
Tokyo Raiders was pretty good I thought. It was a contemporary spy vs. spy of sorts with a good amount of kung-fu with very little gunplay or blood. Well paced and quite entertaining. I liked the little twists in the characters. Not my favorite HK action film, but it's very good and family-friendly without making you feel dumber having watched it. Highly recommended for a slick and light HK action flick.

The disc was phenominal. It had a DTS track which stated it was DTS 2.0, but it was definitely 5.1 and sounded brilliant - much better than the DD5.1 that was also included. The picture quality was outstanding as well - perhaps a bit washed out though. The disc contained the Making Of documentary which was Subtitled (for once) and pretty decent compared to other Making Of's I've seen from HK.

The subtitles were clear and easy to read and mostly went below the picture inside the black bars where they should be... I have a feeling though that they didn't translate alot of the dialogue as they kept talking and yet the same 4 or 5 words would appear as if it was supposed to cover all that dialogue. I think it was the cliff's notes subtitles or something. I still got the whole story though.

Seen On: Universe Laser DVD
Ratings: Movie - 8.5/10
DVD Presentation - 9/10
DVD Extras - 7.5/10
Reviewer Score: 8