Midnight Caller (1995)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-06-01
Summary: Pang Dan full frontal !
.. but you'll need to be very quick to see it. In one of the scenes where "Mythical Breasts" is wearing a towel and has it ripped from her, there is a brief full frontal flash. You'll need to set the video to frame-by-frame to see it, and it's blurry, lasting perhaps two or three frames. But Pang Dan is famous for maximum tease and never quite showing it all. Well, she does in this one !

Dropping the towel is a regular motif (one of many) in this movie. First, Michael Wong drops his for Pang, then she has her's either fall off or pulled off several times after that. The frontal scene is near the end, during a chaotic fight.

I agree the plot is a mess. It seems to be a straight thriller which was messed up by frequent and oddly-timed dashes of low humour and silly sound effects. Perhaps Writer/Director/Producer/Presenter and cameo appearer Raymond Wong couldn't shake off all the comedies he'd written or starred in.

The chemistry between Michael and Pang Dan is a bit hard to take at times, but I think they eventually manage to pull it off, although the two-people-who-constantly-irritate-each-other ruse is pushed a bit too hard.

Scintillating dialogue. "You slept with other women, being naked".

As a mystery, there is some suspense maintained for much of the picture, although the ending thoroughly spoils this.

Overall, it's actually moderately enjoyable, esp if you want a few peeks at Pang Dan's gorgeous bod. Just don't take it too seriously.

Reviewer Score: 4