Green Snake (1993)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-05-30
Summary: Rent it
If you can find it for rent... you should just rent this film. It started out pretty good, but the second act was stupid and the third act just got better and better until it went into self-destruct mode. Maggie was charming and beautiful in this film as Green Snake. Joey is just too much of a dork for me to take seriously - although she was decent in this as White Snake (heh - whitesnake)...

The special effects weren't very special and the cinematography was just average for a Tsui Hark film. The story seemed like a Sex and Zen episode, but there was no porn. I liked the film ok, but it doesn't rank all that high compared to other films from that time (early 90's). I definitely think it's worth seeing once, but to suggest owning it would be criminal on my part.

As far as I know, there's only 2 DVDs available for it and they are both cut from the same Laserdisc print. The Tai Seng version was a crappy transfer with tons of artifacts and blurry burned in subtitles that were too tiny to even see (when they weren't obscured by the fact that they were white on a white background half the time). Aside from those subtitle problems, in the last 10 minutes, they didn't even bother to subtitle a third of what was being said. Really annoying. The sound was mono as well.

Seen on: Tai Seng DVD

Ratings: Movie - 6.2/10

DVD Presentation - 2/10 (one point for at least being out on DVD and another point for being widescreen)
Reviewer Score: 6