Purple Storm (1999)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-05-31
Summary: Slick Action Thriller
I really liked this film. It's true that it did seem to drag a bit at times, but it could've been my mood. I truly thought it was a decent film with little hints of brilliance here and there all throughout the film. I'm not going to explain what it's about because others have done so, but I will say that the acting is very good (for the most part), and the script is fairly tight with a few frayed ends here and there, and the cinematography reminds me of Sam Raimi (which is a good thing). The pacing was good and the story had some great elements to it. There was alot of suspense built up as well. It was often difficult to figure out who to root for. This is one of those movies that Hollywood will steal all the ideas from, re-package, throw a bunch of money at, and make a fortune off of. I mean - it's nothing terribly new really, but Hollywood has a way of stealing entire films without getting caught.

The Universe DVD that I watched it on is awesome. They actually subtitled the making-of featurette again which I've noticed they've been doing lately. For the film, they provide a good 5.1 surround sound mix and the image was pretty decent - although not perfect nor as good as a few other DVDs for films released in the same country in the same year. I understand that the HKL DVD has a commentary that's interesting as well - since I haven't seen it, I couldn't say. So you Region 2 people should feel lucky. All is not lost though since the Universe DVD is more than adequate. I'm quite happy with it. It included a few trailers for this film as well as 3 others (including the Gen-X Cops trailer where they warn against piracy) and all are subtitled. Good job Universe.

Seen on: Universe DVD

Ratings: Movie - 7.3/10

DVD Presentation - 7.9/10
Reviewer Score: 7