Wishful Milenio (2001)
Reviewed by: peter martin on 2001-06-01
Summary: Melodramatic and weepy
Four friends share a house and romantic adventures in this drama set in 1999 (but made in 2000 and released in 2001). Ha Yan prefers to be called Summer and is proud of her promiscuous and free lifestyle. Lin (also called Tong Li in the subtitles) is cool and aloof but becomes warm and excited when she meets famed Taiwanese travel writer Loi Lee, with whom she has been carrying on an anonymous e-mail correspondence. Lin's young cousin Xiao Cuan has a crush on a Japanese soap opera star named Kimura. One day she bumps into a look-alike on holiday, and is instantly smitten. Finally, Chew Nan has just been dumped by her latest beau and is frustrated because her desire to be the 'perfect girlfriend' has been ruined again. She runs into a woman named Felix, who is very friendly to her in a way that makes Chew Nan distinctly uncomfortable. The love lives of the four friends play out.

Some of the performances became a bit annoying and were overly predictable, but to a large measure that's the fault of the script. Within the context of the story, the four lead actresses did a fine job.

As noted above, the script does not provide too many surprises and also allows the couples to fall in love suddenly and seemingly without sufficient motivation (other than the need for the story to move along). It descends too often into soap opera conventions (how convenient that one of the characters is in love with a soap opera star). The very beginning of the film also seems to hold promise of a lighter touch that the director is not able to maintain. Despite these criticisms, I didn't throw things at the screen or fall asleep (more than once). Maybe that's because it was a nice change of pace from the action films I've been seeing lately, or maybe it's because the actresses are lovely and easy on the eye.