Headlines (2001)
Reviewed by: peter martin on 2001-06-01
Summary: Enjoyable, though it runs out steam
Each of the three intertwined stories unwinds at a measured pace and in unanticipated (at times) ways. Very fine performances all around by the ensemble cast.

The pace of the film is slower than it needs to be; certain scenes run longer than they should; and the staging is static. More variety in these areas by the director would have made for a more enjoyable ride. That being said, the actors are given room to breathe and deliver.

Overall, an enjoyable trip into the frenetic and highly competitive world of Hong Kong daily newspapers. I have no idea how accurately its depiction is, yet the emotions of the characters certainly had the ring of truth. Good performances, an unhurried pace, and a few interesting twists build up the audience's goodwill, which is needed to survive the story running out of steam near the end.