Bomb Disposal Officer Baby Bomb (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-06-01
Summary: Starts as a very weak comedy.......
... and changes only 1) to occasional episode of graphic gore, when the bombs blow up, and 2) gripping drama only in the final 20 minutes.

As a longtime fan of Anthony Wong and Lau CW, this would have to be the least entertaining film I have seen either play a major role in. Astonishing, but there it is.

They aren't helped by having Esther Kwan complete the trio. You know all those incredibly annoying child actors which HK seems to produce by the truckload ? Grinning loud and foul-mouthed egomaniacs ? Well, Esther is like a grown-up version. Dear dear. Her acting only becomes bearable when that grin is wiped off her face near the end.

Only for completists. Otherwise, I cannot recommend this film.
Reviewer Score: 2