Feel 100% (1996)
Reviewed by: future113 on 2001-06-06
Summary: I only felt 70%
The core of this movie is about Feeling 100% in love before comitting.
Well it's a comedy/romance type movie, more on the comedy than romance.
Stars Sammi cheng(Cherry), Ekin Cheng(Jerry) and Eric Kot(Lok). Sammi did a nice acting job playing Cherry. I thought Lok was pretty funny but did not like Jerry's character at all. The plot was ok but the character chemistry development was lacking. As a viewer, you would not be convinced that Jerry was fully in love with Cherry even at the end of the movie. Also, they need to lose the bathtub scenes, what was up w/ that?

so to sumarize, Feel 100% will make the viewer feel 70% satisfied. Is it worth viewing? yeah it is. Is it worth buying? if you're a Sammi Cheng fan yeah I would buy it but otherwise I'd only buy the DVD if it's under $8.