Time and Tide (2000)
Reviewed by: reelcool on 2001-06-17
Summary: Good Commercial
As I watched this convoluted-storyless-action film, I was impressed by the fantastic sound effects of the bullets, and its shells, as they explode and bounce off the the tile floor, going "ping" and "crack". The visual style of "Tsui Hark" is also quite engaging, as the camera tracks the "chaser" and the "chased" through HK's seedy tenements. All the while absorbed by the saturated colors so commonly found on MTV and car commercials. Looks "slick". As a matter of fact, it's just like a commercial, and the product is ... "Tsui Hark". Yes, the director is shamelessly out and about to show the world what a "hip and cool" director he really is by mastering all that MTV has to offer in terms of sight and sound. Too bad the film is so boring.