Fatal Love (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-06-17
Summary: Ellen Chan full frontal
Yep, THE only film in which La Ellen bares it all, though there's plenty of tease first, including a nice shower scene, before she finally flashes the lot in the last few minutes, during an enthusiatic sex scene.

So, is there anything else going on, apart from awaiting THAT moment ? Well, there's a really dumb story with numerous gaping holes. Any shred of suspense is lost in the opening frame, when the identity of the baddie is established beyond doubt. The rest is supposed to be a cat and mouse game, but the cat is way too clever, and the mouse way too naive.

The story is basically a remake of SLIVER with elements of JAGGED EDGE tossed in. Not that either of these were great films, but FATAL LOVE is not even as good.

Total loss ? Certainly not ? I'm surprised this film got away with Cat III rating uncut. There are numerous full frontal shots up so close that, with decent freeze-frame, would serve quite well for gynaecological study. And very nice specimens too. I hasten to add that Ellen's isn't one of these. She is shown full frontal from somewhat too far a distance for my liking but, hey, I'm not quibbling.

One thing which did put me off was the sadistic violence. The villain is know to love killing his victims in cruel ways, and he has an assistant who is just as bad. We are treated to more than one scene where a lovely young woman is stripped naked, then brutally and slowly murdered. These scenes would not have been out of place in the voyeuristic gore-fest DR LAMB.

The ending provides little in the way of resolution, and is very much an anti-climax. I wonder if the director was leaving the way open for some sort of weird sequel.

Anyway, you've been warned.
Reviewer Score: 4