The First Time Is the Last Time (1989)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-06-17
Summary: Very grim, but compelling
Another terrific performance by Carrie Ng is just one reason to watch this film. God it's bleak - nearly all the characters you'll feel something for (or against) end up dead, most in the final few minutes, but the characterizations are so well done that you can almost forgive the director such cruelty.

And whatever happened to Season Ma ? Another great, understated performance from this talented actress who appeared in only a handful of films.

Some schintillating dialogue : "This place really gives you the creep".

The extremely busy Andy doesn't disgrace himself either, and his scenes with Carrie are close to magic. And that great old trooper Meg Lam is a real heart-melter as the pregnant older lady brimming with optimism in the terrible prison environment.

This film is nearly good enough to be considered a female version of the excellent PRISON ON FIRE. Few others of this sub-genre can be. Highly recommended.
Reviewer Score: 9