Everyday Is Valentine (2001)
Reviewed by: future113 on 2001-06-20
Summary: Could be a great movie but falls short

Well this romantic comedy could have been a great movie but unfortunately the plot is lacking. Cecilia Cheung was very pretty in this movie and I think that's the only highlight of the film. The whole premise of this movie though is what needs to be worked on. It's about a guy (Leon Lai) who is a constant liar and meets Cecilia. Well Cecilia plays an innocent 21 year old gir who just found out that her only boyfriend cheated on her. So after breaking up with the boyfriend, she meets Lai in which Lai gives her a false impression that he is a multi-millionare. So the rest of the story involves situations where Lai has to constantly lie and cover up himself. Funny at times but overall I would give this movie a 6.6 out of 10.