Crippled Avengers (1978)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-06-22
Summary: Enjoyable piece

This is a great movie. However, Having seen many praises for it, I had very high expectation for the film. Though it meets most of them overall, I was quite disappointed with the first part. But don't let that get to ya, see the whole movie and feel great afterwards.

I'm especially fond of the light tone of the whole movie. It certainly does not even try to take itself too seriously. All the characters are quite likable and seemingly cool, even the bad guys, namely Chen Kuan Tai, Lu Feng and Wang Lung Wei.

The finale is action-packed. However, after a while you start to get a feeling that the guys are not really fighting any more, but rather, just displaying their kung fu skills and fooling around a bit. Otherwise, Chiang Sheng the heroic lunatic wouldn't have lasted 5 seconds with Lu Feng. Nevertheless, great fun all around.

Overall, not the best venoms movie, and the plot is somewhat flawed, but you will enjoy it, just like everybody else did.

Reviewer Score: 8