The Cat (1992)
Reviewed by: future113 on 2001-06-23
Summary: Entertaining X-Files like horror flick

This 1992 movie is a joy to watch, particularly if you want to watch something not so heavy. Gloria Yip looked pretty in her black dress and with her black cat. The plot of this story is about a duel between two alien races who come to earth to collect some emblem. Wisely, a well known detective, (like sherlock holmes) assists Gloria's alien team to battle the other aliens. The special effects in this movie is cheesy and has an 80's feel to it. Not really a scary movie but the cat and dog fight scene is classic. This movie might pass as an X-file episode if you place Mulder and Scully somewhere in there. Out of 10, I'd give it 8.3, this is one of those b-movie hk hidden gems.