White Lotus Cult (1993)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-06-26
Summary: Good action in a mediocore film
I cannot believe that there isn't a review of mine on this film. I think I reviewed it time after time, but each was erased somehow. Oh well.

I thought it was a quite decent movie on the whole. The quality of my copy was extremely bad. But there's a need to mention the good action included. It's perhaps the utmost attraction of the movie, as the plot is not quite up to the standard of good films and the production is obviously a very cheap one. The ending is truly a tragedy. Had it been more fulfilling, the whole movie would generally have been considered better. The beginning could suck and the film could still be a classic (see Once Upon A Time in China). As the beginning is probably 100 minutes away and nearly forgotten towards the end, you tend to lean on the ending, expecting a little more than the beginning.