Electrical Girl (2001)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-06-26
Summary: Very funny sex comedy... Recommended
I found this to be quite enjoyable. It was very funny. If you haven't read the synopsys, it's about a girl who since she can remember gives off an electrical charge when she climaxes. Every time she has sex with a man, he gets electrocuted... so she swears off sex. Her friend at work sees a doctor (who has sex with her) and tells our Electrical Girl to go see the good doctor about her "condition". She goes and the intrigued doctor decides to have sex with her for the sake of scientific research. As she climaxes, she begins to see the upcoming lottery numbers while shooting electricity everywhere at the same time. She only sees 4 numbers though, so she decides she must find a "stud" to have sex with so she can see all the numbers in the lottery drawing. She ends up quitting her office job and becomes a "club girl" (escort/prostitute) in order to get the sex she needs to see the lottery numbers.

There's alot of funny moments and some great performances. There's also a romantic love story. I recommend this title to anyone who liked Sex and Zen or perhaps even Steven Chow films as the humor is somewhere inbetween the two. This film doesn't contain much porn. It's mostly soft-porn except for the end of the film which has a long sex scene... they still don't show much, but who hasn't seen all that stuff already anyway. The reason to get this film isn't for the porno value, but for the comedic value.

The music is kinda cheesey (some guy with a casio keyboard) and the effects are cheaply done as well (they looked like 80's effects). The acting is good though and as for the DVD edition - the transfer was pretty good. Colors were well saturated and the picture was clear and clean. The sound was decent as well... don't expect some mind-blowing 5.1 DTS action score though - it's just a simple comedy film and the sound is appropriate. The subtitles are nicely done and appear to be pretty accurate and with not too many grammatical or spelling errors that plague many HK releases. The subtitles appear over the print and are white. This DVD is widescreen. There's no special features really worth mentioning - just the standard cast/crew bios and trailers of this and other films.

Movie - 7.6

DVD quality - 6.5

Seen on: Universe Laser DVD
Reviewer Score: 8