Dangerous Duty (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-07-17
Summary: Disappointing
The re-teaming of Pang Dan and Tsui KK promised action and good looks, perhaps a sort of cheapie sequel to their terrific ANOTHER CHINESE COP, where Pang plays a similar character but Tsui is on the other side of the law.

Alas, no. The story is hopelessly lame and there's nowhere near enough flashy action to make up for that fault. Pang wearing deep plunging necklines, recrossing her legs a la Basic Instinct and getting most of her clothes off for no good reason all should have helped. But that stupid hypnosis scene put paid to any sense of cred. Pang's dancing and wiggling does help a bit, and it's more like Marilyn Monroe than Faye Wong.

The ending is especially hard to swallow for any viewer with more than half a brain. Don't be in a hurry to rent this one, though it's okay if you're bored.
Reviewer Score: 3