Once Upon a Time in China and America (1997)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-07-19
Summary: Xiong Xin Xin Kicks ASS!
This film is basically Shanghai Noon with 1/10th of the budget, 1/10th of the time to make it, and starring Jet Li instead of Jackie Chan. I'm told Jackie had been planning to do a film like Shanghai Noon for years before this one came out, so accusing one of ripping off the other is perhaps pointless I guess... I don't know.. that's what I'm told. My guess is that Sammo and Jackie had probably talked about it back in the old days numerous times and thus they both ended up doing similar films. In fact, some of the same cast appear in both films...

I'm a strong believer that had this film been given the time and budget of Shanghai Noon (or even half the time and budget), it could've been an amazing film.

The story was weak... the acting was bad... but the action was tight. The man who played Club Foot in previous installments kicks too much ass. The fighting was outstanding in this film. This film had alot of style going for it and from the opening shots it looked like it was going to be a top quality production. However it was obviously plagued with being limited on time and money. The american actors lacked talent for the most part as well. Despite all of its shortcomings, this film managed to entertain the shit out of me. I really enjoyed it - I wish the subtitles were in synch with the film on the DVD I bought though. By the cheaper one if you can - don't buy the China Star DVD that Tai Seng distributes.

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Movie: 6.9/10

DVD: 3/10
Reviewer Score: 7