Martial Angels (2001)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-07-22
Summary: Yeah - I thought it sucked too
Oh geez... where do I start?

I got the DeltaMac disc of this film. DeltaMac recently released Bichunmoo and China Strike Force as well - both outstanding DVDs. This is one from their econo-line. The transfer is teriffic and the sound is decent as well. The subtitles are crappy - they are in synch, but they are incomplete and incorrect at times (calling someone Spider instead of Black Widow isn't the same thing especially when the person is called Black Widow for a reason). They are quite readable though (removable). It comes in an opaque/clear case the same size as an amaray and the artwork is one sided (waste of an opportunity). No insert either. Nothing spectacular, but still a totally acceptable disc for a film.

The film itself is another story. I got this basically for the only reason to see the film - seven hot chicks in tight clothes with guns. I know I know... think what you want. Shu Qi is irresistable to me. This is Charlie's Angles meets Mission Impossible 2 with no budget. The script is pretty much doo doo and the action is subpar. Still... I didn't hate it... why? Because those girls are fun to watch. Ok - it's a worthless movie. And the hotness of these girls doesn't carry the film at all... there are a few redeeming qualities about the film though. If you can tolerate the retarded story and can manage to care what's going on, there are a few interesting twists... nothing you can't see coming from half a mile away though.

Should you see this? Well... I don't know. It's a bad movie in general, but I didn't think it was any worse than Heroic Trio (except this film had nothing on Heroic Trio as far as fight scenes go) and most everyone else seemed to like Heroic Trio. Will you like this if you liked Heroic Trio? I don't know... Unlikely. Some of the acting is good (considering what they had to work with), but most of it is shit...

Just don't expect a whole lot from this film is all I'm trying to say.

Seen on Deltamac DVD.


Movie - 3.5/10

Disc - 4/10
Reviewer Score: 4