The Blood Brothers (1973)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-07-23
An early Shaw Bros classic featuring Chang Cheh and 3 of his most recognized kung fu masters. The name of the movie "Ci Ma" sounds terribly familiar, and since it's supposed to be a historical drama, I'm sure I've heard of it when I was a kid. But I can't recall anything about it at the moment.

So what do u know, we have Ti Lung as a bad guy, and he even fights David Chiang! Not something you see too often. When the 2 are fighting, it's obvious that Ti Lung only had to use 30% of his real skill to make David Chiang look good. There is no way Chiang's kung fu could have beat Ti Lung's in real life. I wonder what took the Shaw crew so long to figure that out.

The movie uses a flashback method on David Chiang's part, which I think worked very well. The film starts off with David Chiang getting caught after finishing off Ti Lung, which is also how the film pretty much ends. Speaking of the ending, it is typical of the Shaw films of the 60s-80s. Basically NOTHING!! Very disappointing indeed.

Reviewer Score: 7