The Magic Touch (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-07-23
Summary: Enjoyable
Hui is here rehashing some of what he and the 2 bros did in PRIVATE EYES. Again, Ricky plays a subservient role, Michael basically plays Mr Boo again, and Leon Lai steps into Sam Hui's role of Mr Handsome.

I actually think this is one of Michael H's better comedies. He's not as overbearing here. More humble, more likeable. The comedy is, mostly, remarkably gentle.

The plot does have a few holes. For instance, the villain doesn't remember Leon Lai as one of the taxmen who try to search his place for incriminating documents, then remebers near the end. But that's a pretty minor criticism.

The M Hui movie I like best is the one he did following thing film, the marvellous ALWAYS ON MY MIND. Nevertheless, I warmly recommend Magic Touch.
Reviewer Score: 7