Love on a Diet (2001)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-07-24
Summary: Half awful, half okay
I'm not sure about other Chi audiences, but here in Sydney, the theatre which sometimes screens HK movies had to add an extra daily session to cover the demand for this one. And after watching it, I'm still not sure why.

The first half is pretty awful. The gee-whiz factor and novelty of seeing Andy and Sammi in those special prosthetics wear off after about a minute. There is much "wah-ing" and open mouths, but nothing which really engages.

Sad to say, but the film really doesn't pick up until Sammi appears back close to her normal size. The film is quite watchable from then on, even getting one a little misty-eyed by the end.

The best guess I can make about what I, or anyone else, would like about this film, is that it largely rests on Sammi's considerable charm and charisma. And given that this is only really in evidence for half the film, it either says a lot for her or not much about this film.

If you really want to see Sammi shine, WU YEN would be a better bet.
Reviewer Score: 5