The Prince of Portland Street (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-07-28
Summary: Stupid and cruel
Before I completely blast this film, I'll just mention a few good points.

* The scenes between Simon and Anita are mostly very moving, and they seem to have some good chemistry going.

* This is so far the only time I've seen Dicky Cheung play a straight (ie. non-comedy) role, and he does a pretty good job of it. Of course, his character does go goofy sometimes. He's also the only actor I've seen to appear full frontal nude (including porn actors). However, his dangly bits are pixellated out (sorry girls).

* Rarely-seen actress Sarah Lee is quite charming as Cookie. She's the only character I really felt for.

Okay, praise over. Apart from a few bright or coherent spots, this film sucks. All the fem characters are treated appalingly in this film, mostly by the men. This bad treatment is completely gratuitous and the script doesn't even try to justify it. Also, Simon Yam's character going from cocky (with good reason) to simpering back to cocky is hard to accept.

I initially wondered why the hell this movie was rated Cat III. There's absolutely no nudity or sex, and the violence is hardly above average. But the amount of bleeping (i.e. editing out rude words) is incredible. I think it even beats GIRLS IN THE HOOD. At times, the dialogue sounds more like morse code than speech.

There are numerous holes in the script. For instance, a character has his ear hacked off in one scene, but it magically re-appears in the following. Also, how Anita's character was able to afford a BMW is never explained. This is weird.

I'll admit that by the last 20 minutes or so, things gelled somewhat and the story flowed a lot better. But so much of what preceded it just grated.

I cannot recommend this film.

Reviewer Score: 1