Farewell China (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-07-30
Summary: Intense and depressing
The first Clara Law film I ever saw. Unfortunately, I just can't bring myself to like any of her films. They all seem to be either depressing or dull, though technically very well made.

Full marks to Tony and Maggie for top class acting, but the tone is so overwhelmingly negative, and this blanks out all the good points. Perhaps I've just met too many people like Maggie's character in real life. Brittle, manipulative and destructive bitches are not hard to find, and her character's treatment of the sensitive char Tony plays is truly unforgivable.

In summary, you'll either love this film or loathe it. I loathed it. Also, this is likely to be a good guide as to whether you love or loathe Law's other films.
Reviewer Score: 1