Naked Killer (1992)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-02-06
Reading the reviews on the DB completely mislead me as to how the film was supposed to look like. Before watching, I had in mind that Chingmy Yau was basically a slut simply wandering around and getting raped & killing others, or something of the sort. However, Naked Killer is much deeper than just raping and killing, and I was quite surprised to find that Chingmy Yau's character, the infamous Kitty, started out rather innocently. It was not until a murder in the family that she undergoes the change. Despite the beautiful custom, intense suspense, excellent score & the duper sexy outlook, this really is just an average trashy film. Some people claim this to be a classic, but there's no classic element at all. Some people are just making way big of a deal out of this movie. Nevertheless, it's seductively trashy, which is typical of the work Wong Jing and his immitators creates, and even quite authentic to the filmmaking of the early 90s.