Curse of the Zombi (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-09-06
Summary: Twaddle
Being a big fan of the gorgeous Tsang Siu Yin has a couple of drawbacks. TSY hasn't appeared in many films, and she is often billed far above what her screen time would indicate - similar to Amy Yip ! Also, like Yip, she has appeared in some really awful films. Being an ardent completist fan of TSY compels me to watch utter crap like Curse of the Zombi (without the "e").

It would have been just bearable if TSY had a major part or was onscreen much of the time. But her character has almost nothing to do with the main story, such as it is. Poor old Lau Siu Gwan even gets sidelined in favour of the unknown Anna and the two other unknowns who fight over her.

Also, filming in Thailand should have made me happy too, as I love the country and people very much. But even here, the producers take liberties. For instance, the village girls wear a lovely black dress which is worn as a wraparound and completely off the shoulder. I'd love to walk into a Thai village and see lovely young women dressed in such a revealing fashion, but methinks I'd be dreaming.

And, to cap it all off, TSY's simply doesn't bother to even try to act. She pouts (a very becoming look, of course), stamps her feet and screams hysterically during the few frames where she is the centre of attention. She is indifferent at best as an actress, but she is far below that here.

Life's too short to waste on rubbish like this. Avoid ! But if you are an ardent TSY fan, leave this one till last, if at all.
Reviewer Score: 1