Tiger on the Beat 2 (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-09-08
Summary: More lame comedy than action
The original was a very odd mish-mash, where any coherence of story was sacrificed in favour of action, with sometimes spectacular results. The story in TOB2 flows better, but this is actually the film's main weakness, because it replaces the action. And for an action movie, this is bad ! Most of the first 3/4 of the film is played for silly comedy with occasional outbursts of gore and violence. The last 1/4 is a terrific slambanger, virtually non-stop and at least equal to the original. Credulity goes out the window quite early on and doesn't return, so it's time to seriously suspend disbelief at the start.

There's weird stuff in the subtitles. The word "fuck" is used more often even than Al Pacino's Scarface, but it is consistently written as "Fart". Hmmmm.

And, in case you're as puzzled as I was to the frequent references to "ABCs", it means American Born Chinese.

The Australian release under Siren is given an R-rating i.e. restricted to ages 18 or over. There's no sex here, and only the vaguest hint of nudity (Conan Lee cops an eyeful of Ellen Chan when she drops a towel, but she's filmed from the back - damn !), and the violence is unexceptional by HK standards. So this is puzzling.

Overall, okay dumb entertainment.
Reviewer Score: 4