Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-01-17
Shaw Brothers really should be given credit for making serial-wuxia-like movies such as this one in the early 80s. This movie has the wildest kung fu action in an old school movie. There's more wire used here than in Moon Warriors. At one point, seeing the creatures in full armor I was worried that the film would turn into a Chinese Super Ninja-like old school actioner, but thankfully it quickly moved on to better subjects. I'm especially impressed with the special effects, which are up to the standards of Kung Fu Colt Master and Sword Stained With Royal Blood from 10 years later. The line between old school kung fu and new wave wire/flying action is just about as thin as it gets. The storyline isn't the best I've seen, but there are no major flaws that I recall. The overall atmosphere and scenery makes one suspect that the film could have been made in the 50s; and in fact it is extremely reminiscent of the 50s wuxia swords series/movies. But one look at the effects and action ensures it comes from a much later time.