Legend of the Fox (1980)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-09-09
An okay adaption starring the Venoms. I did not spend $20 just to see the capturing of how 100 men are dying, DAMN IT! That's the problem with chang cheh's movies. 10 minutes of the film show how people die, like that's the coolest thing in the world or something. For god's sake, we want to see more action and plot. But Chang Cheh will never learn.

But what do you know, Lu Feng as a good guy and Kuo Choi as a bad guy (at first). The action is good if you are into old school kung fu. Otherwise it sucks.

IF you've seen one venom movie adapted from a novel (subtitled), you've seen them all. The cast in their 10 adaptions are more or less identical. The same dialogues are used over and over, and the action is 100% identical. I suggest you settle for one-House of Traps or Brave Archer 3-and forget the rest.