Future Cops (1993)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-09-12
Summary: Wong Jing's trademark
This would have been an ideal film for my friends (and I, perhaps...) back in the days: slapstick, contemporary & trashy comedy, HK teen idols/megastars, and Wong Jing. Even though I prefer the enhanced new wave martial arts experiences, it was great watching this wild piece. It's got Aaron Kwok playing the smallest role I've ever seen him in (except in Holy Flame of the Martial World, but I could not identify him in that movie) and Ekin Cheng as a BAD GUY (or is he?). The comedy isn't the funniest, but nevertheless you are treated with the normal dose of silliness and slapstick. But the silliest of all was Simon Yim playing Dhalsm. I've never seen anyone ridiculed & changed so much to fit a role. But it's all good! An all-star film, too.

Reviewer Score: 9