Writing Kung Fu (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-09-15
Summary: Dull and weird
A film with seriously confused direction. Is it a moral tale, philosophical treatise, exposition of styles, actioner ? Bolo throws all this together, but somehow forgets to combine or cook them properly.

John Cheung spends the first hour wandering around looking pathetic and downtrodden. There are occasional outbreaks of fu fighting, but they are quickly contained ! There is silly kiddy humour with the classroom scenes, which include an adult with the kids as a figure of fun. John takes some fu lessons from Candy Yu and various old masters, and finally takes on Bolo's character. Even the climactic scene isn't very good, but I was thoroughly bored by then anyhow.

Not your average fu cheapie by any means. Could perhaps have been interesting, but was a big flop. Pass.
Reviewer Score: 2