A Life of Ninja (1983)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-09-15
Summary: Cheesy fun
Elsa Yeung and Chen Kuan Tai made a bunch of movies together around this time, and they generally featured Kurata-san as well. This one is pretty typical of the formula. Lots of primary colours, smouldering looks, cheap soap opera hysterics and plot, lots of guys in full-body suits twirling in the air and pretending to be ninjas.

ChenKT is impressive in the climactic duel with Yasuaki. But I still can't understand the plot relevance of the three bikini-clad women at the beginning engaging in green mud-wreslting.

The copy I rented was under the Ninja Theatre label and was rated R (here in Aus, that means restricted to age 18 and over). This is a complete over-reaction. The violence is not particularly shocking, esp for this genre. Only one young woman appears topless and discreetly nude, and there is one very tame sex scene.

Okay no-brain actioner.
Reviewer Score: 5