Shaolin Soccer (2001)
Reviewed by: rolandyu on 2001-09-23
Summary: hmmm.....
Well, I dunno, but I don't think this movie is that funny. In fact, I find it a bit boring and the story and the special effects are too forced, so it comes out unnatural. Surely, this movie is not as funny as I expected. Most of you guys might not agree with me though.

Why? You would ask. I've asked myself that also.

I came out with a couple of answers.

1. Maybe I've watched too many "real" and "quality" soccer matches and games, because I am a soccer fans. So, when I watch this movie and how Stephen Chiau parodized the moves and games, I find it a bit uncool and not funny.

2. I think the special effects in this movie is pretty low quality. I mean like, you can tell that they are not real. I really prefer a normal comedies without such special effects. It really ruined it for me.

3. I do not understand Cantonese and by reading subtitles, might affect my understanding of the movie. Although I laughed my guts out with other Stephen Chiau's movies.

After talking all of that, I still find some funny scenes and jokes that make me laugh. Still, my favorite of Stephen Chiau's comedy is "From Beijing With Love".