Mother of a Different Kind (1995)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-10-12
Summary: Great performance, but ......
... very downbeat ! The producers of this film had at least one eye on MISERY, though Fung Bo Bo is even scarier.

This story has credibility problems. Nothing is offered as explanation as to why Nurse Lam would react so overwhelmingly to her son's partly accidental death, apart from her being a little overprotective. Also, she is very cunning until a certain point about 2/3 of the way through, where she turns into .... well, a fool. This change is not justifiable, except that the film needed an excuse to resolve. And that the police could be so dumb for so long ....

Lau Ching Wan looks pretty uncomfortable here, even more so than his character should, and I wouldn't count it as one of his best performances. Veronica Yip introduces a comic tone which should have jarred, but generally I found fitted in quite well. And, somehow, she manages to look unattractive, so that when she accidentally exposes a breast to Lau, she apologizes (though this is not the only reason for the apology).

My favourite character in this pretty grim tale of a nice woman who becomes a mad multiple murderer is old Mrs Cheung, LauCW's aging mother. A very likeable little old lady. The first time it is intimated that Nurse Lam may kill the old woman, I thought "oh no, not her, too !".

Yes, Fung Bo Bo does a great job. But this is not a film you will feel good after watching. You've been warned.
Reviewer Score: 3