Last Song in Paris (1986)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-10-15
Summary: If you like concert footage
.... there's plenty here. Leslie sings quite a few songs, and Anita gets a look in as well. The story is as slight as any standard Hollywood musical.

Leslie plays a smiling spoiled brat. He's always got what he wanted and doesn't really care about money. But he gets a shock when a girl he fancies belongs to someone else, which prompts him to toss a huge temper tantrum and run away from HK and all his obligations. He flees to Paris, in fact, hence the title. His character is supposed to grow up a bit while there, but this is rather doubtful.

I found much of this film pretty dull and rather trite. Of course it's always good to see Joey Wong and Cec Yip gracing the screen and looking lovely, but they are pretty minor characters. Anita looks butch and doesn't seem to be enjoying herself, and Leslie doesn't exert himself much either.

And for star spotters, the major actors are credited as they appear on screen.

Not recommended except for ardent fans of the stars.
Reviewer Score: 3